Status Update – 2012/03/20

It’s been busy!

Since December, I’ve been setting up and performing experiments on my granular jamming work for a variable stiffness manipulator. I had a lot of concepts, some which were new, that I wanted to test out. Of course, as always, things didn’t work out the way I planned. The results were different than what I had anticipated, and even the experimental setup was a different from how I had envisioned it.

Not to mention that I was quite sick for about a month and a half.

All of this hard work was for the IROS 2012 conference. The deadline was March 10, but was extended to March 12, which gave me a bit of breathing room. I was mostly done by the first deadline, but the extra two days gave me some time to reorganize the paper a bit.

At the same time, I was helping two other projects with their experiments. There were moments when I felt that it was all a bit overwhelming, but I managed.

In the end, I submitted 3 papers to the conference. Two as the first author, and the third as seventh author. Hopefully, my main paper on granular jamming will get accepted, though. That would be really good for my phd.