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Services pages

I’ve just added a few new features to this site. I’ve update the bio page, as well as added pages detailing the services I provide. They are somewhat vague for the moment, but there should be enough information for people to get a good idea of things I offer.

Also, the contacts page now has links to my Linkedin and Facebook pages.

KCL Blockage

For some reason or another, it seems like this website doesn’t load at the King’s College London campus or residence halls. I’m working on getting this issue resolved, but I haven’t exactly pinpointed the issue. The server could somehow be blocking the UK or the network here is blocking this and several other sites that I’m involved with.

For the record the websites were fine before we switched servers, but the school has also been doing network updates, so the problem is still up in the air at the moment.

Status Update – 2010/11/24

Work on the humanoid project is underway. I’ve been reading up on some of the theory, as well as using SolidWorks to draw up an experiment my supervisor developed. We’re going to have a meeting this Friday with someone from the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), so that should be good.

Incidentally, I remember a few years ago, I got a call from the Illinois Institute of Technology telling me that I have accepted to their school. I never applied to there, and wasn’t sure how I got accepted. Either way, it was pretty interesting, considering they sounded like they really wanted me to attend IIT.

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