Status Update – 2010/10/02

This post is an update on my professional and educational activities. For personal updates, check out the blog.

So far, moving into central London has finally started to settle down. I’ve moved to an apartment fairly close to the engineering department, so I can have better access to my office and lab.

I signed a confidential agreement, stating that I would not divulge details on the projects that I’ll be involved in. This is to prevent the industry from potentially commercializing our ideas before we can take credit.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of projects that I’ve started looking into. The main project that I’ll most likely be working on will be a serpentine-like robot. The other two involve tactile sensors and real-time motion control.

I’ve started to do some research into the snake-like robot, from reading academic papers to watching video demonstrations. I am getting a good sense of how other groups have approached the problem. There are some pretty clever things being done, but there are still a couple of disadvantages to their methods.

For about the next month or so, I will be continuing this in-depth research into the field to gain an even better understanding of the topic. Then, I will likely begin writing a review paper on it.