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Status Update – 2011/03/06

Things are going well, so far. Last week my supervisor and I submitted two papers for a presentation at the Dynamic Walking 2011 conference and an ICRA 2011 workshop. As of now, we’re working on completing another full conference paper for IROS 2011.

In addition, I just finished TA-ing for his Real Time Systems course for 4th year undergraduates, and will now be teaching SolidWorks to 2nd year undergraduates.

I’ve been kept busy, but it’s good to have some project to focus on.

Status Update – 2011/02/08

Two weeks ago, I left for Genoa, Italy to meet the humanoid robotics team at the Italian Institute of Technology. I spent about a week observing their work, particularly on the ccub robot (a variant of the icub robot). It was a lot of fun, and I definitely learned a lot, as well as gaining some very good contacts there.

Now, I am back in London working on a new theory with my professor. While we still plan to use research impedance control, we have some other ideas bouncing around that we would like to experiment with.

Status Update – 2011/1/15

Happy New Year!

Now that it’s 2011, things are really starting to get rolling. In addition to the theoretical work I’ve been doing for my project, I’ll be working to collaborate with other organizations. Most notably, I will be meeting Shadow Robotics and the Italian Institute of Technology.

These next few months will be particularly busy, as I need to finish several things before March.

Moreoever, I will also be helping my advisor with his classes, such as Real Time Systems and CAD. Should be interesting.

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